Sleep schedule
Buy this to increase you max energy by 6
Max. amount: 1
Private teacher
After buying, salary gain from studying will be increased by 1
Max. amount: 1
Private lessons
Increases salary by 5
Money: 0
Salary: 0
Work hours: 1/8
Energy: 10/10
Income: coming soon!
  • Study: use study to increase your salary, salary defines how much money you get for 1 hour of work. Studing consumes 8 energy.
  • Work: use work to make money. Money gained from working depends on salary and working hours set. Working uses energy, depending on how much working hours you set.
  • Energy: energy regenerates over time. It is necessary for studying and working. Max energy by default is 10

You can buy items in the shop, some will make possible for you to buy other items, and some will give some other advanteges, like boost you max energy.